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For those who reported OCD at some point in their lives, there is also a 30 – 80% prevalence for anxiety disorders and a 50 -70% prevalence for mood disorders. Other co-occurring conditions include substance use disorders, eating disorders, specific phobias, panic disorder, social anxiety, PTSD, trauma, etc. The co-occurrence (existing at the same time) of OCD and anxiety, mood disorders, depression, AD/HD, substance use disorders, and eating disorders is a vital topic. We must open the box and shine a light.


The first 20 mothers with OCD or who are caring for a child with OCD will receive scholarships. You must describe why you would like to take this course and agree to provide feedback after completion. We would like to know what you learned or found most helpful. To learn more about ERP, visit the website – ERP School. Mail all inquiries to

Clinician training initiative

JACK is thrilled to announce our first commitment to clinician training in underserved areas. We will be sponsoring The Behavior Therapy Training Institute ( BTTI) for Clinicians In Puerto Rico in November 2022. Please check back on our website or The IOCDF website for more details in the coming months.

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